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Library Staff:

Sandra Holmes, Director
Joni Wood, Assistant Director
Jocelyn Rayford, Genealogy / Reference Librarian
Karen Speck, Acquisitions Processor
Holly Burns, Head Circulation Clerk 
Darnell Johnson, Circulation Clerk
Michael Walden, IT/Webmaster
Jeff Devine, IT/Webmaster
Lou Harry, Cataloger
Cheryl Schwartzkopf, Children's Librarian
Rosalie Lanning, Bookkeeper 
Victoria Spellman, Custodian


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Free Library Card

Library CardLibrary Card




     It is your access to the many resources offered by the Ozark-Dale County Public Library. Your first card is free of charge; however, there will be a $3.00 fee for all lost card replacements. Always bring it with you any time you wish to borrow materials or use the services of the computer center.

     To qualify for a Library card, you must: be a resident of or work in Dale County, Alabama; have a valid Alabama Driver's License/I.D. indicating your current address; be at least sixteen years of age or have guardian consent. If you do not reside/work in Dale County, Alabama, you may still obtain a Library card for an annual membership fee of $15.00.

Free Computer Card

Computer CardComputer Card

     A computer card gives you access to only the computers of the Library. All those who wish to use the computers must adhere to our internet access policy listed here and on each computer. Your first card is free of charge and free to renew; however, there will be a $3.00 fee for all lost card replacements. You must always bring it with you any time you wish to use the services of the computer center.

     To qualify for a computer card: you must present a valid form of photo I.D. with date of birth listed.