Helen Taylor Andrews Historical Sites

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Helen Taylor Andrews Historical Sites


Helen Taylor Andrews shares her passion for people and buildings of South Alabama, Southwest Georgia, and the Florida Panhandle. Mrs. Andrews is a leading artist of our area whose work is shown nationally and internationally. She combines them by painting portraits of buildings that catch her eye. When she looks at a structure, she sees the character of the building made up of the people who built them, used them, owned them, sold them, and, in many cases, abandoned them. She uses watercolors or acrylics to translate this character into prize-winning, architectural portraits. Mrs. Andrews's work is hanging at 124 Broad Street so the public will no longer need to wait until the Claybank Festival for viewing. Below are just a few of her wonderful depictions of the area's historical sites:

Helen Taylor Andrews1Helen Taylor Andrews2

Helen Taylor Andrews3Helen Taylor Andrews4

Helen Taylor Andrews5Helen Taylor Andrews6


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