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Last Name First Name Middle Name Obituary Obit. Cont.
Rabon Dorothy Smith Page 1  
Rabon Milera B. Page 1  
Rachel Dixie Ruth Page 1  
Rachel Ellen   Page 1  
Rachel James D. Page 1  
Rachel Marie Bessie Page 1  
Rachel Shirley F. Page 1  
Raffield Betty Johnson Page 1  
Ragan Darrell H. Page 1 Page 2
Ragan Jimmie Daniel Page 1  
Ragan Otis Ervin Page 1  
Ragan Pearl Willoughby Page 1 Page 2
Ragsdale William Bascom Page 1  
Raines Eula Smith Page 1  
Raines Virginia Mae Stewart Page 1 Page 2
Raley Homer   Page 1  
Raley Inez Parramore Page 1  
Raley Sonny   Page 1  
Raley Ted Clamon Page 1  
Raley Theo   Page 1 Page 2
Ramage Martha Riley Page 1  
Ramey Paul   Page 1  
Ramey Pauline Mathison Page 1  
Ramsey Cassie   Page 1  
Ramsey Eleanor Grant Page 1  
Ramsey Gladys Brannon Page 1 Page 2
Ramsey J. W. Page 1  
Ramsey Lewie, Jr Frank Page 1 Page 2
Ramsey Margaret   Page 1  
Ramsey Ruth Jean Page 1  
Ranczka Audrey Ann Page 1  
Rand Charles Hubert Page 1  
Ratliff Katharine Gunter Page 1  
Ratliff Myrtice Delene Page 1  
Raulston June Swartz Kyle Page 1  
Raulston Gladys   Page 1  
Ray Alta Elizabeth Page 1  
Ray Betty Sue Hawkins Page 1  
Ray Edwin McCoy Page 1  
Ray Jimmie H. Page 1  
Ray Johnny Lee Page 1  
Ray Stella Smith Page 1  
Raybon Harmon James Page 1  
Rayford Francis J. Page 1  
Rayford Leona Faith Page 1  
Rayford Lydia   Page 1  
Raymond Daniel Arthur Page 1  

<td w

Reader Ralie Maxie Page 1  
Reams Haywood Ira Page 1  
Rearden Eleanor Dykes Page 1  
Reaves James David Page 1  
Rebold Joseph H. Page 1  
Record Willie   Page 1  
Rector Frances Lee Page 1  
Rector Frances Steagall Page 1  
Redcloud Bob   Page 1  
Redd Corienne Louise Page 1
Redd John Locke Page 1  
Redding Arthur   Page 1  
Redding Omar D. Page 1  
Redding Rebecca Morris Page 1  
Redmon William Franklin Page 1  
Reed Dorothy Faulk Page 1  
Reed Frances Jo  Page 1  
Reed James   Page 1  
Reeder Amos Cecil Page 1  
Reeder Annie Katherin Page 1  
Reeder Coties Weems Page 1  
Reeder Donnie M. Page 1  
Reeder Gail  M.B. Page 1
Page 2       
Reeder-Mizell Irene   Page 1  
Reeder William A. Page 1  
Reese Caisie B. Page 1  
Reese Evelyn Davis Page 1  
Reese L. D. Page 1  
Reese Willie Mae Page 1  
Reaves Margaret Virginia Page 1  
Reeves Gayle Ann (Brown) Page 1  
Reeves Benjamin Chapman Page 1  
Reeves George   Page 1  
Reeves Thomas Jefferson Page 1  
Reeves Virginia   Page 1  
Reeves William C. Page 1  
Regino Andrew   Page 1  
Register John  Alster Page 1  
Reiser John Nicholas, Jr. Page 1  
Remund Minnie Dean Page 1  
Rench Robert James Page 1  
Renfroe Garvin Edward Page 1  
Renfroe Pauline Margaret Page 1  
Renkl Olivia Weems Page 1  
Renz Herbert H. Page 1  
Resecker Marlene   Page 1  
Retherford Kevin Len Page 1  
Revel William Robert Page 1  
Reyes Anna   Page 1  
Reynolds Barbara   Page 1  
Reynolds Bobby F. Page 1  
Reynolds Catherine Helms Page 1  
Reynolds Charles Frederick Page 1  
Reynolds Charles Whitfield Page 1  
Reynolds Floyd Hays Page 1  
Reynolds Harold J. Page 1  
Reynolds Hilda   Page 1  
Reynolds Jack Norton Page 1 Page 2
Reynolds Joel Hubert Page 1  
Reynolds Kevin   Page 1  
Reynolds Margaret Lee Page 1  
Reynolds Paula Denise Ardis Page 1 Page 2
Reynolds Ralph Jackson Page 1 Page 2
Reynolds Robert Jack Page 1  
Reynolds Vernell   Page 1  
Rheam Howard Melvin Page 1 Page 2
Rhoades George Allen Page 1  
Rhodes Benjamin   Page 1  
Rhodes Billy O. Page 1  
Rhodes Elijah   Page 1  
Rhodes Helen Gillan Page 1  
Rhodes Henry Sledge Page 1  
Rhodes Hubert Lee Page 1  
Rhodes Kay   Page 1  
Rhodes Maudie Smith Page 1  
Rhodes Norma Leigh Page 1  
Rhodes Pauline M. Parks Page 1  
Rhodes Priscilla Mills Page 1 Page 2
Rhodes Roland Leverne Page 1  
Rhodes Ruby S. Page 1  
Rhodes Willie P. Page 1  
Rhymes Velvet   Page 1  
Rice Albert Dewey Page 1  
Rice Annabelle   Page 1  
Rice Ed   Page 1  
Rich Agnes A. Page 1  
Richard Donna Jeanelle Chancey Page 1 Page 2
Richards Laurie   Page 1  
Richardson A D Page 1  
Richardson Charles L. Page 1  
Richardson Charles Mathis  Page 1 Page 2
Richardson Dalton B. Page 1  
Richardson Delmar L. Page 1  
Richardson Eddie Lee Page 1  
Richardson Eva F. Page 1  
Richardson Florene Garner Page 1  
Richardson Frank   Page 1  
Richardson James Ennis Page 1  
Richardson James Esker Page 1  
Richardson Jim  J. Page 1  
Richardson Joe  H. Page 1  
Richardson Katherine King Page 1  
Richardson Lewe Pletz Page 1  
Richardson Lewis   Page 1  
Richardson Ann Harris Page 1  
Richardson Lura E. Page 1  
Richardson Merle   Page 1  
Richardson Octavia   Page 1  
Richardson Oma  Dean Page 1  
Richardson Paul   Page 1  
Richardson Raphael J. Page 1  
Richardson Samuel D. Page 1  
Richardson William Dean Page 1  
Richburg Carl D. Page 1  
Richburg Frances   Page 1  
Richie Ollie B. Page 1  
Richie Ruth B. Page 1  
Richman Frances Marie Page 1 Page 2
Richman James Newman Page 1  
Richter Sarah Nell  McSwean Page 1  
Richter William E. Page 1  
Riddle Stanley   Page 1  
Riddle Jr. Herbert Neal Page 1  
Rigsby Eileen   Page 1 Page 2
Rigsby Eldon B. Page 1  
Riley Alice Harris Page 1  
Riley Annie Irene Page 1  
Riley Annis Howell Page 1  
Riley Bessie Lee Leatherwood Strickland Page 1  
Riley Billy Hugh Page 1  
Riley Bonnie Hutto Page 1  
Riley Charles Hubert Page 1  
Riley Charles Mark Page 1  
Riley Dana Greene Page 1  
Riley Dewey   Page 1  
Riley Eva Mae Page 1  
Riley Gloria Spence Page 1  
Riley Hugh Max  Page 1  
Riley Hurley T Page 1  
Riley Jr Hurley Terrill Page 1  
Riley Irene H. Page 1  
Riley Isaac   Page 1  
Riley James Earl Page 1  
Riley James H. Page 1  
Riley Jasper Joseph Page 1  
Riley Jerry G. Page 1  
Riley John Luther Page 1  
Riley Kenneth P. Page 1  
Riley L. Vernon Page 1  
Riley Lena   Page 1  
Riley Lewie D. Page 1 Page 2
Riley Lona Faye Page 1 &l
Roach Robert Herbert Page 1  
Roach Hazel Cumbie Page 1  
Robb Erika   Page 1  
Robb Thomas J. Page 1  
Robbins Kaitlin Giles Page 1  
Robbins Wade Franklin Page 1  
Robbs Ronnie   Page 1  
Roberson Cazzie Ida Page 1  
Roberson Charles King Page 1  
Roberson Judge   Page 1  
Roberson Perry McDonald Page 1  
Roberson Richard   Page 1  
Roberson Virgil T. Page 1  
Roberts Aaron   Page 1  
Roberts Charlie W. Page 1  
Roberts Curtis Stanley Page 1  
Roberts Addie Belle Page 1  
Roberts Choosree Hanyote Page 1
Roberts Dollie   Page 1  
Roberts Edna Hagler Page 1  
Roberts Gladys   Page 1  
Roberts Hattie   Page 1  
Roberts Irene P. Page 1  
Roberts James Holman Page 1  
Roberts James Jefferson Page 1  
Roberts James Kermit Page 1  
Roberts Johnnie Preston Page 1  
Roberts Judy G Page 1  
Roberts Kathryn   Page 1  
Roberts LaJoie   Page 1  
Roberts LeRoy   Page 1  
Roberts Lola Belle Thompson Page 1  
Roberts Lunnie B. Page 1  
Roberts Martha Ann Page 1  
Roberts Maudrie Bellflower Page 1  
Roberts Myra Nell Page 1  
Roberts R J. Page 1  
Roberts Ralph Key Page 1  
Roberts Rozell   Page 1  
Roberts Shelia   Page 1  
Roberts Thelda Lois Page 1  
Roberts Theophilus W. Page 1  
Roberts Tillman   Page 1  
Roberts Walter W. Page 1  
Roberts Wendell Joseph Page 1  
Roberts William H. Page 1  
Robertson Bonnie Jean Page 1  
Robertson Homer E. Page 1  
Robidoux Travis Allen Page 1  
Robinett Alan Mac Page 1  
Robinett Azzie Lee Page 1  
Robinett Ernest Dean Page 1  
Robinett Evie   Page 1  
Robinett Helen McInnis Page 1  
Robinette Coleen Whitiner Page 1  
Robinette William Albert Page 1  
Robins Dorothy Donald Page 1  
Robinson Alonzo   Page 1  
Robinson Charlotte   Page 1  
Robinson Clyde Woodham Page 1  
Robinson Cynthia Fitch Page 1  
Robinson David Lee Page 1  
Robinson Deller Childree Page 1  
Robinson Doris Sutton Page 1  
Robinson Eva Kelley Page 1  
Robinson George Thomas Page 1  
Robinson John  D. Page 1  
Robinson Lois M. Gary Page 1  
Robinson Mary Arnold Page 1 Page 2
Robinson Matha Smith Page 1  
Robinson Paul   Page 1 Page 2
Robinson Thomas J. Page 1  
Robinson Velma Holland Page 1  
Robison Brian Paul Page 1  
Robison Darlene Marie Page 1  
Robison William  Robert Page 1  
Robson John Carl Page 1  
Roddy Ora Elizabeth Page 1  
Rodgers Patrick   Page 1  
Rodgers Sandy Ned Page 1  
Roe Homer Hulen Page 1  
Roe Josephine   Page 1  
Rogers Ada Frances Page 1  
Rogers Allen   Page 1  
Rogers Avis   Page 1  
Rogers Betty J. Johns Page 1  
Rogers Clara Mae Page 1  
Rogers David Pruett Page 1  
Rogers Doris D. Page 1  
Rogers Elizabeth Kirkland Page 1  
Rogers Freddy   Page 1  
Rogers Harry Earl Page 1  
Rogers Helen Palmer Page 1  
Rogers Jerry Tipton Page 1  
Rogers Johnnie Max Page 1  
Rogers Lillie Tomlin Page 1  
Rogers Lillian Staples Page 1  
Rogers Linda   Page 1  
Rogers Lloyd Michael Page 1  
Rogers Mable   Page 1  
Rogers Mittie Goodson Page 1  
Rogers Myrtle   Page 1  
Rogers Ora Elizabeth Page 1  
Rogers Porter   Page 1 Page 2
Rogers Robert Fred Page 1  
Rogers William Donnell Page 1  
Rojas Sharon Sanchez Page 1  
Romano Florence L. Page 1  
Roney Maurice Sellers Page 1  
Root  Myrtie Adnes Page 1  
Root Patricia Dianne Page 1  
Roper Inez G. Page 1  
Roper Samuel   Page 1  
Ropp Myrtie   Page 1  
Ropp Ronald Geroge Page 1  
Rose Anthony   Page 1  
Rose Landon Chester Page 1  
Rose Minnie Dale Page 1  
Rose Vanilla   Page 1  
Rose Vanilla O'Shae Page 1  
Rosenbarker Hertha Marie Page 1  
Rosentrater Michael Donald Page 1  
Ross Agnes Smith Page 1  
Ross Charlotte Skipper Page 1  
Ross Dee Kennedy Page 1  
Ross Franklin Delano Page 1  
Rosser Donnie   Page 1  
Rosser Esther Atkinson Page 1  
Rosser James   Page 1  
Rosser Marcus H. Page 1 Page  2
Rosser Nettie B. Page 1  
Rosser Thomas Gerstle Page 1  
Roszell Ambrosia Nicole Page 1  
Rowland Gladys Gertrude Andrews Mixon Page 1  
Rowlette Ernest   Page 1 Page 2
Royal James Larry Page 1  
Royals Terry L. Page 1  
Rozar Charlene   Page 1  
Rudd Mary Howell Page 1  
Rudd Myrl Kingry Page 1  
Ruf Grace Ireland Page 1  
Ruffin Cedric Bernard Page 1  
Ruffin Willie Carter Page 1  
Rugg Verchess   Page 1  
Ruggiero Dorothy Mae Page 1  
Ruggs Talmadge   Page 1  
Ruiz Adolfo   Page 1  
Ruiz Donna   Page 1  
Ruley Wallace Lester, Jr. Page 1  
Runkle Eleanor   Page 1  
Ruple Bramma Sutton Page 1  
Ruppel Jamie Leigh Page 1  
Rushton LeJean Alexander Page 1  
Russaw Willie B. Page 1  
Russell Audrey McCall Page 1  
Russell Eddie Thomas Page 1  
Russell John E. Page 1  
Rutland Ruth   Page 1  
Rutledge Jessie B. Page 1  
Ryals Mary Johnston Page 1  
Ryals Rosie Lee Page 1  
Ryan Annie M. Page 1  
Ryan John JD Page 1  
Ryder Billy Joe Page 1  
Ryder Juanita   Page 1