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*Please note that any obituaries that are linked to photobucket are currently not working due to technical issues. If you need one of these obituaries please contact our genealogy department at 

These obituaries appear online exactly as our copy appears.  Some of them have smeared text or are incomplete or cut off. If you have a better copy of an obituary that you would like to be put on the website, please contact our genealogy department at 

Last Name                                          First Name                                         Middle Name                                                       Page 1           Page 2
<td class="xl67"
Abercrombie Elmer Rhea Page 1 Page 2  
Abott John R. Page 1    
Abrahamson Marie Goins Page 1    
Ackerman Wendell Wayne Page 1 Page 2  
Ackley Betty Lou Page 1    
Adair Britt   Page 1    
Adams Ben  Teal Page 1    
Adams Cecil Lipski Page 1    
Adams Christine Stanford Page 1    
Adams Dewey Mae Page 1    
Adams Eleanor Wallace Page 1 Page 2  
Adams Elizabeth Holman Page 1    
Adams Eudora Marshall Page 1    
Adams George DeWitt Page 1    
Adams Gladys Little Page 1    
Adams Harriet Ward Page 1    
Adams Jesse   Page 1 Page 2  
Adams Jesse Dowling Page 1 Page 2  
Adams Joseph  Holman Page 1    
Adams Lois Sidney Page 1    
Adams Martha   Page 1    
Adams Milton Lonnie Page 1    
Adams Nellie Smith Page 1    
Adams Raymond Willis Page 1    
Adams Samuel Kirke Page 1 Page 2  
Adams Willela Milligan Page 1    
Adams William Byron Page 1    
Adams William Carey Page 1    
Adams William F. Page 1    
Adamson Hurley H. Page 1    
Adcock Betty Bedsole Page 1 Page 2  
Addington Susie Rogers Page 1    
Adkins Bernice Stripling Page 1    
Adkins Billy Clyde Page 1    
Adkins Bonnie Elmer Page 1    
Adkins Carmi Vickers Page 1    
Adkins Grace W. Page 1    
Adkins Idell Harrison Page 1    
Adkins J. W. Page 1    
Adkins Linda Sue Sitz Page 1    
Adkins Lollie C Page 1    
Adkins Mary Ella Page 1    
Adkins Pamela Rene Page 1    
Adkinson Billy H. Page 1    
Adkinson Hattie Bell Page 1    
Adkinson Ida Henderson Page 1    
Adkinson Jack C. Page 1    
Adkinson Meta Omega Snellgrove Page 1    
Adkinson Opal Mims Page 1    
Adler Louise Mae Page 1    
Agerton Lizzie   Page 1    
Agerton Mary Elizabeth Page 1    
Agerton Roscoe Delton Page 1    
Akers Mary E. Page 1    
Akers Thomas W. Page 1    
Akins Joel Donald Page 1    
Akridge Julia Velma Page 1    
Albritton Betty Joyce Page 1    
Albritton Gabriel Claude Page 1    
Albritton Ralf Waldemar Page 1 Page 2  
Alcuri Anthony J. Page 1    
Alcuri Nettie L. Page 1    
Alderete Dorothy Ann Page 1    
Alderman Nelavonya Walls Page 1    
Alexander Edna Aman Page 1    
Alexander Ewell   Page 1    
Alexander Jack Willard Page 1    
Alexander Karen Lynn Page 1    
Alexander Ursula Charlotte Page 1    
Alldredge Bonnie Jean Weir Page 1    
Alldredge Melissa Elaine Page 1    
Alkire John P., III Page 1    
Allen Benford   Page 1    
Allen Bessie Coleman Page 1    
Allen Frank   Page 1    
Allen Hazel Margaret Page 1    
Allen Herbert   Page 1    
Allen Ila Mae Page 1    
Allen Lawrence Burt Page 1
Allen Lewie A. Page 1    
Allen Margaret Parrish Page 1    
Allen Myrtle Mae Page 1    
Allen Nellie Norton Page 1    
Allen Norma Jean "Boots" Page 1    
Allen Royce Edward Page 1 Page 2  
Alley Ray, Sr.   Page 1    
Alloway Mary Elizabeth Page 1    
Allred Dorothy Dean Page 1    
Allums Dessie Bullard Page 1    
Allums Joseph F. Page 1 Page 2  
Allums Robert Lee Page 1    
Almquist Allen F. Page 1 Page 2  
Almquist Viola C. Page 1    
Alsammani Obaid "Clay" Page 1    
Altmann Alexandria Rita Page 1    
Alums Jimmie Lou Page 1    
Alums Thomas Oree Page 1    
Alverson Betty  Marshall Page 1    
Aman Ernestine Childree Page 1    
Aman Herman V. Page 1 Page 2  
Aman Mabel Cameron Page 1    
Aman Robert Edward, Jr.  Page 1    
Aman Verna Lee Page 1    
Amason Emily Starr Page 1 Page 2  
Amason Thomas Gilbert Page 1    
Amenda Arnold J Page 1 Page 2  
Ammons Bobby   Page 1    
Ammons Elna Miller Page 1    
Ammons Jeffrey Roger Page 1    
Ammons Kenneth Eugene Page 1    
Ammons Lydia Sewell Page 1 Page 2  
Ammons Malcom G. Page 1 Page 2  
Anderson Annie Ree Page 1    
Anderson Arthur  R. Page 1    
Anderson Bessie L Page 1    
Anderson  David Leroy Page 1    
Anderson Earnest "David" Page 1 Page 2  
Anderson Edgar  N. Page 1    
Anderson Ernest James Page 1    
Anderson Eula L. Page 1    
Anderson George Russell Page 1    
Anderson Glen Eugene Page 1    
Anderson Jackie J. Page 1    
Anderson James E. Page 1 Page 2  
Anderson Jesse John Page 1    
Anderson John H. Page 1    
Anderson Mary Eleanor Page 1    
Anderson Sarah Elizabeth Page 1    
Andrada Felipe Jacildone Page 1    
Andrews Acreal Allen Page 1   Born October 29, 1917
Andrews Albert Blonnie Page 1    
Andrews Alice W. Page 1    
Andrews Bertie Mae Dansby Page 1    
Andrews Bob Curtis Page 1 Page 2  
Andrews Boykin   Page 1 Page 2  
Andrews Cecil David Page 1    
Andrews Charles C. Page 1    
Andrews Charlie Lee Page 1    
Andrews Clara Dean Page 1    
Andrews Clarence H. Page 1    
Andrews Clyde Vonell Page 1 Page 2  
Andrews Corbie L. Page 1    
Andrews Corene Judah Page 1    
Andrews Coy   Page 1    
Andrews Curtis L. Page 1    
Andrews D. Frank Page 1    
Andrews Dorothy   Page 1    
Andrews Emmett F. Page 1    
Andrews George L. Page 1    
Andrews Gladys Gertrude Mixon Rowland Page 1    
Andrews Heatie Woodham Page 1    
Andrews Helen Elaine Page 1    
Andrews Hilda   Page 1    
Andrews Howard Don Page 1    
Andrews Howard H. Page 1    
Andrews Jacqueline Brown Page 1    
Andrews James Travis Page 1    
Andrews Jerry Wayne Page 1    
Andrew Jessie Milton Page 1    
Andrews Jewel Outlaw Page 1    
Andrews John David Page 1    
Andrews Johnnie Merle Page 1    
Andrews Johnny   Page 1 Page 2  
Andrews Johnny Frank Page 1    
Andrews Juanita W. Page 1    
Andrews Kathleen Beasley Page 1    
 Andrews  Kinley  Grace  Page 1
Archer Evelyn M. Page 1    
Archer Harry Edward  Page 1    
Archipoli Peggie Peters Page 1    
Ard Agnes Eldessie Page 1    
Ard Effie   Page 1    
Ard Eloise   Page 1    
Ard John Paul Page 1    
Ard Leonidas   Page 1    
Ard Lovie Strickland Page 1    
Ard Margaret E. Page 1 Page 2  
Ard Marie Dunn Page 1    
Ard Mary Lucile Page 1    
Ard Thomas A. Page 1    
Ardis Elizabeth McErvin Page 1    
Ardis Lillie Pearl Page 1    
Ardis Paula Denise Reynolds Page 1    
Arehart Henry   Page 1 Page 2  
Arledge Tommy Frank Page 1    
Armstrong Annie Frank Mills Page 1    
Armstrong Annie Maude Miller Page 1    
Armstrong Merle   Page 1    
Armstrong Ruth   Page 1    
Armstrong W.A.   Page 1    
Armstrong William Walter  Page 1    
Arnett Alice Godwin Page 1    
Arnett Arlies E. Page 1    
Arnett Mary Odell Page 1    
Arnold Anna   Page 1    
Arnold Curtis Gene Page 1    
Arnold David Lane Page 1    
Arnold Dorsey Dale Page 1    
Arnold Edna L. Page 1    
Arnold Eldessa Grantham Page 1 Page 2  
Arnold Eleanor Suhr Page 1    
Arnold Frank A. Page 1 Page 2  
Arnold Mary Lou Page 1    
Arrington Alto Jackson Page 1    
Arrington Annie Catherine Page 1    
Arrington Frances Inez Page 1    
Arrington Jack   Page 1    
Arrington Joe Lamar Page 1 Page 2  
Arrington John Walter Page 1    
Arrington Marie A Page 1    
Arrington Mary Pearl Page 1    
Arrington Sylvester Clyde Page 1    
Ash Bradley Steven Page 1    
Ashcraft Judith L.              Page 1    
Ashcraft Kit   Page 1    
Ashcraft Victor E Page 1    
Asher Grafton Noble Page 1    
Aspinwall Kelli Julieanne Page 1    
Atkins Roy Glenn Page 1    
Atkinson Lynna Mae Page 1    
Atkinson Neil S. Page 1 Page 2  
Attaway Clara Lois Weed Page 1    
Attaway Roy H. Page 1    
Atwell Burton W. Page1    
Atwell Jennifer    Page 1    
Ault Thomas Edmond Page 1    
Auman Patricia Parker Page 1 Page 2  
Austin Eloise Powers Page 1    
Austin Helen K. Shupert Page 1    
Austin Leola   Page 1    
Austin William   Page 1    
Austin Willie Howard Page 1    
Auston Donald W. Page 1    
Auston Lois   Page 1    
Auston Martha Green Page 1    
Auxier Lloyd Stanley Page 1    
Avant Andrew L. Page 1    
Avant Gene Allen Page 1    
Avant Kenneth Allen Page 1 Page 2  
Avant Raymond Rachel Page 1    
Avrett Neal Edmund, Jr. Page 1    
Averett Fred   Page 1    
Averett Lillie Pearl Needed    
Avery James Henry Page 1    
Avery Lollie Myers Page 1 Page 2  
Ayers Gladys "Boots" Page 1    
Ayers Harold   Page 1    
Ayers Michael Edward Page 1