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These obituaries appear online exactly as our copy appears.  Some of them have smeared text or are incomplete or cut off. If you have a better copy of an obituary that you would like to be put on the website, please contact our genealogy department at 

Last Name First Name Middle Name Obituary Obit. Cont. Obit. Cont.
Oakes William   Page 1    
Oates Barbara Glover Page 1    
O'Bannon Lucile Sutton Page 1    
Odom Mavis Bass Page 1    
Odom Mazean Maddox Page 1    
Odom Shirley Joanne Blackmon Page 1    
O'Donnell Timothy Michael Page 1    
Ogden Earl   Page 1    
Olds Melissa Hamm Page 1    
Olive Dora Mills Page 1    
Oliver Ann   Page 1    
Oliver Dorothy Mooneyham Page 1 Page 2  
Oliver Eunice Hartzog Page 1 Page 2 Page 3  
Oliver Gerald L. Page 1    
Oliver Melba   Page 1    
Oliver Ola May Page 1    
Oliver Susie Smith Page 1    
Oliver T. R. Page 1    
Oliver Tyshana T. Page 1    
Olofsson Marguerite "Peggy" Dunn
Page 1    
O'Neal Virginia Hill Page 1    
O'Neil Emmet   Page 1    
Oninski Frank   Page 1 Page 2  
Ooten Anthony Shane Page 1    
Oquendo Esteban   Page 1    
Oquendo Fannie Lou Page 1 Page 2  
O'Quinn Arnold Lee Page 1 Page 2  
O'Quinn Jeffery Wayne Page 1    
O'Reilly Berta Emma Page 1    
O'Reilly Earl George Ray Page 1    
Orr Jean Muirhead Page 1    
Ortiz Juan Alberto Page 1    
Ortiz Mary Splainger Page 1    
Osborn  Ray Morton Page 1    
Osborne Mauline Sands Page 1    
Osepchook Laura Stepp Page 1    
O'Steen Mark S. Page 1 Page 2  
O'Steen Mazie Vivian King Page 1    
Ostrom C. A. Page 1    
Ostrom Mark Edward Page 1  Page 2  
O'Sullivan Christopher James Page 1    
Oswalt Shirley   Page 1 Page 2  
Ottaviano Debra Glaze Page 1 Page 2  
Otterberg Zula Benton Page 1    
Outlaw Alice Tharp Page 1    
Outlaw Arnice Perry Page 1    
Outlaw Eugene Gordon Page 1    
Outlaw Fonzie   Page 1 Page 2  
Outlaw Henry P. Page 1    
Outlaw James E. Page 1    
Outlaw Jeanette   Page 1    
Outlaw Joe Tom Page 1    
Outlaw Joseph Anthony Page 1    
Outlaw Lillie Ruth Page 1    
Outlaw Lowell Lamar Page 1    
Outlaw Margaret Gill Page 1    
Outlaw Marie Whigham Page 1 Page 2  
Outlaw Pearson   Page 1    
Outlaw Peggy Lisenby Page 1    
Outlaw Rudolph B. Page 1  Page 2  
Outlaw Steven Lee Page 1    
Outlaw Syble Louise Newsome Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Outlaw Thomas L. Page 1 Page 2  
Outlaw Thomas Willard Page 1    
Overman Jeanette   Page 1    
Overstreet Hazel Roberts Page 1    
Overstreet J. V. Page 1    
Overstreet Walter Thomas Page 1    
Overton Betts   Page 1    
Overton Garfield A. Page 1    
Owens Beulah Mae Page 1    
Owens Carrie Lue Page 1    
Owens Elvia F. Page 1    
Owens Gladys Merle Page 1    
Owens Hedy Gottlieb Page 1    
Owens Jesse J. Page 1    
Owens Lemmie Lee Page 1    
Owens Lonie Watson Page 1    
Owens Marlon Dewayne Page 1    
Owens Marvin A. Page 1 Page 2  
Owens Mildred Cook Page 1    
Owens Nell Robinette Page 1  
Owens Opal Corine Davis Page 1