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Last Name First Name Middle Name Obituary Obit. Cont.
LaBudde Frank Reinholdt Page 1  
LaCarter Johnny Patrick Page 1  
LaCava Frances   Page 1  
Lackey Kenneth Dale Page 1  
Ladigo Florence B. Page 1  
Ladner Madeline Hamm Page 1  
LaDuew Kara Michelle Page 1  
Lahti Michael William Page 1  
Laird Mildred Teal Page 1  
Lamb Huey Max Page 1  
Lambert Charles H. Page 1  
Lambert Gene   Page 1  
Lambert Elizabeth Lewis Page 1  
Lambert Marilyn Fern Page 1  
Lamothe Ruth Batchelor Page 1  
Lampley Joe M. Page 1  
Lancaster Della Deborah Page 1  
Lancaster Janie Bickerstaff Page 1  
Lancaster Perlene   Page 1  
Lancaster Roxie Grace Page 1  
Land Betty Griner Page 1  
Land Dorothy   Page 1  
Land Inez   Page 1  
Land Ted E. Page 1  
Landers Belle   Page 1  
Landers Donald   Page 1  
Landrum JoAnn S. Page 1  
Landrum Judy   Page 1  
Landstorm Karl S. Page 1  
Landtroop Gladys Dorothy Page 1  
Landtroop James   Page 1  
Lane Jesse W. Page 1  
Laney Annette Portwood Page 1  
Laney Bessie   Page 1  
Laney Dorothy   Page 1  
Laney Joe Dean Page 1  
Laney Joseph Davis Page 1  
Laney Mattie Dean Page 1  
Laney Naomi   Page 1  
Laney Obie Ray Page 1 Page 2
Laney Odell   Page 1  
Lange Bonnie Jo Page 1  
Langford Bertha  Helen Cannon Page 1  
Langford Charlie Otis Page 1  
Langford Dorothy G. Page 1  
Langford Elma Hughes Page 1 Page 2
Langford George A. Page 1  
Langford George Verbie Page 1  
Langford Herman   Page 1  
Langford Jewell Grace Page 1  
Langford Joseph   Page 1  
Langford Joseph Wilmer Page 1  
Langford Kenneth   Page 1  
Langford Lenial M.  Page 1  
Langford Lonnie Pierce Page 1  
Langford Mary Frances Page 1  
Langford Thomas Earl Page 1  
Langheld Christopher Reynolds Page 1 Page 2
Lanier Robert Wayne Page 1  
Lantz Paul   Page 1  
Larkin Kay Annette Page 1  
Lasseter Don   Page 1  
Lassiter Annie Leeola Page 1  
Laster Ethelrine   Page 1  
Laster Lander   Page 1  
Laster Robbie   Page 1  
Latimer Edith  Killebrew Page 1  
Laughlin Jule Dowling Page 1  
Lavender Blanche Vera Page 1  
Lavender Eloise Weeks Page 1  
Lavender Ernest   Page 1 Page 2
Lavender Harvey Lee Page 1  
Lavender Moses   Page 1  
Lavender Myrtle   Page 1  
Lavender Pearline   Page 1  
Lavender Thomas B Page 1  
Lavender Thomas Franklin Page 1 Page 2
Lavender Tommy   Page 1  
Law Harold   Page 1  
Law Henry Steagall Page 1  
Law Myra Steagall Page 1  
Lawless Rose Parker Page 1  
Lawrence Gladys   Page 1  
Lawrence Mary Ann Page 1  
Lawrence Rodney Warren Page 1  
Lawson John William Page 1  
Lawson Mary Agnes Page 1  
Layton Nola Hartzog Page 1  
Leach Carolyn Childree Page 1  
Leach Robert Woodson Page 1  
Leatherwood Aubrey Leon Page 1 Page 2
Leatherwood Bessie Lee Riley Strickland Page 1  
Leatherwood Charles Malloy Page 1  
Leatherwood Donald R. Page 1  
Leatherwood Forrest   Page 1 Page 2
Leatherwood George   Page 1  
Leatherwood Irene Bloodsworth Page 1  
Leatherwood James Steven Page 1 Page 2
Leatherwood Mable Lavata Berry Page 1 Page 2
Leatherwood Massie   Page 1 Page 2
Leatherwood Maudie Isler Page 1  
Leatherwood Rebekah Judah Page 1  
Leavitt Gloria Michiels Page 1  
Ledbetter Eugene B. Page 1  
Ledford Matthew Warren Page 1  
Ledford Merrill Ethan Page 1  
Ledford Virginia  T.  Page 1  
Lee Betty D. Page 1  
Lee Cassie   Page 1  
Lee Eldred Lamar Page 1  
Lee Hazel   Page 1  
Lee Ira Carroll Page 1  
Lee J. Corbitt Page 1  
Lee Joseph Ivoe Page 1  
Lee Kathryn Lisenby Page 1  Page 2
Lee Louis Max Page 1  
Lee Mildred S. Page 1  
Lee Minnie   Page 1  
Lee Missouri Smith Page 1  
Lee Moses   Page 1  
Lee Orbie Fay Page 1  
Lee Willie Paramore Page 1  
Leedy Inez   Page 1  
Lehnerz Peter L. Page 1  
Leingang Shirley   Page 1  
Lenard Eldriedge   Page 1  
Lenard Louise Sistrunk Page 1  
Lenard Mary Hartzog Page 1  
Leonard Helen Clements Page 1  
Leonard Jimmie Roosevelt Page 1  
Leonard Rosa   Page 1  
Leonard Walter   Page 1  
Leslie Harvey  Chuck Page 1  
Leslie Joseph D. Page 1  
Lester Patricia  Marie Page 1  Page 2
Lewis Annabelle G. Page 1  
Lewis Annie Sue Page 1  
Lewis Barbara Ann Page 1  
Lewis Bernice Seay Page 1  
Lewis Charles Norman Page 1  
Lewis David Elton Page 1  
Lewis Edward M. Page 1  
Lewis H Jean. Page 1  
Lewis Ira Lee  Page 1  
Lewis Jimmie   Page 1  
Lewis Kwi Sun Page 1  
Lewis Lorene   Page 1  
Lewis Margie Russell Page 1  
Lewis Mary Warick Page 1  
Lewis Mildred Ingram Page 1  
Lewis Myrtle   Page 1  
Lewis Ted Valon Page 1  
Lewis Timothy Ray Page 1  
Lewis Willie Mae Page 1  
Leyva Emma   Page 1  
Lightner Joseph Asia Page 1  
Liles James A. Page 1  
Lindenmuth George H. Page 1  
Lindsay Joe E. Page 1  
Lindsay Kathryn Ammons Page 1  
Lindsay Mary Agnes Page 1  
Lindsay Mary Hubbard Page 1  
Lindsay Nannie Mae Page 1  
Lindsay Raymond   Page 1  
Lindsey Daisy Lillian Page 1  
Lingo Eldridge   Page 1  
Lingo Henry E. Page 1  
Lingo Mamie Bell Page 1  
Lisenby Bessie Davis Page 1  
Lisenby Charles   Page 1  
Lisenby Dorothy   Page 1  
Lisenby George W. Page 1  
Lisenby Inez Long Page 1  
Lisenby John Wesley Page 1 Page 2
Lisenby Mae Creel Page 1  
Lisenby Sibyl Smith Page 1  
Lisenby Mary Blackman Page 1 Page 2
Lisenby Mary V. Page 1  
Lisenby Needham Gordon Page 1  
Lisenby Nettie Jane Page 1  
Lisenby Nina Sims Page 1  
Lisenby Pauline   Page 1  
Lisenby Pearl   Page 1  
Lisenby Raymond   Page 1  
Lisenby Sam   Page 1  
Lisenby William Elder Page 1  
Lisenby William O. Page 1  
Lisenby Wilmer   Page 1  
Littlefield Henry Clayton Page 1  
Littlefield Jack   Page 1 Page 2
Littlefield Jack Dempsey Page 1  
Littlefield Mable Cox Page 1  
Littlefield Mamie   Page 1  
Littlefield Ralph Gordon Page 1  
Littlefield Sr. Sam   Page 1  
Littlefield Sue Clenney Page 1  
Littlefield Thomas H.  Page 1  
Littlefield Tony   Page 1  
Littleton Annie J. Page 1  
Livingston Alfred Delano Page 1  
Livingston Elizabeth O'Neal Page 1  
Livingston Gene   Page 1  
Livingston Gusta Helms Page 1  
Livingston Lois   Page 1  
Livingston Susan Renee Page 1  
Livingston Winifred E. Page 1
Lloyd Dave   Page 1 Page 2
Lock Edward N. Page 1  
Lock Ora   Page 1  
Locke Mildred   Page 1  
Loftin Charles Eugene Page 1  
Loftin Eugene   Page 1  
Loftin Gallie Frances Page 1  
Loftin Henry Claude Page 1  
Loftin Laura Bagenski Page 1  
Loftin Martha Faulk Page 1 Page 2
Logan Benie R. Page 1  
Logan Charlie   Page 1  
Logan Elmer   Page 1  
Logan Ethel  Ziglar Page 1  
Logan Horace G. Page 1  
Logan James F. Page 1  
Logan James F. "Bozo" Page 1 Page 2
Logan Jean McSwean Page 1  
Logan Lester W. Page 1  
Logan Martha Bowman Page 1  
Logan Martha Deloney Page 1  
Logan Ora V. Page 1  
Logan Robert L. Page 1  
Logan Virginia Langford Page 1  
logsdon William E. (Bill) Page 1  
Logsdon Ryan   Page 1  
Lohmeyer G. John Page 1  
Loman Danny   Page 1  
Lomanack Lonzi   Page 1  
Lomanack Roy L. Page 1  
Lomaneck Jack   Page 1  
Lomaneck Jimmy   Page 1  
Lomaneck Joseph Oden Page 1  
Lomaneck Mary Francine Stewart Page 1  
Lomaneck Mary McKee Page 1  
Long Anna  Danner Page 1  
Long C. R. Page 1  
Long Cecil Neil Page 1  
Long Dade T. Page 1  
Long David   Page 1 Page 2
Long Deborah Helms Page 1  
Long Dewey   Page 1  
Long Dora   Page 1  
Long Frank A. Page 1  
Long George Clyde Page 1  
Long George Morrison  Page 1  
Long Ida Ruth Page 1  
Long Mary Morrison Page 1  
Long Max   Page 1  
Long Michael Brandon Page 1  
Lord Carolyn Oakes Page 1  
Loughnan Michael J. D. Page 1  
Louks Gerald Orville Page 1  
Love James Lusk, Jr. Page 1  
Lovett Clarence   Page 1  
Lovett Cody R. Page 1  
Lovett Gertie   Page 1  
Lowe Sarah Dean Page 1  
Loyal George Edmund Page 1  
Loyal Myrle   Page 1  
Lucas Charles Hubert Page 1 Page 2
Luck Martha Faye Page 1  
Luckey Duchess Margarette Page 1  
Luckfield Herbert M. Page 1  
Ludlam Kathleen   Page 1  
Ludlam Victor Efurd Page 1  
Ludlam Victor Thomas Page 1  
Ludlum Fred David Page 1  
Lunsford Amanda Lynn Page 1  
Lunsford E. J.   Page 1  
Lunsford Evans   Page 1  
Lunsford Gurthel C. Page 1  
Lunsford Shelby Jean Page 1  
Lutz Autence J. Page 1  
Lychock Michael Joseph Page 1  
Lyle Davis A Page 1  
Lyles Allie   Page 1  
Lyles Ruth B. Page 1  
Lyman Lois Inabell Creekmore Page 1  
Lynn Billy J. Page 1  
Lynn Deacon Linnie Page 1  
Lynn Eleanor Marie Page 1  
Lynn Joe Mack, Sr. Page 1  
Lynn Katharina   Page 1  
Lynn William Robert Page 1  
Lyons James Roy Page 1