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Last Name First Name Middle Name Obituary Obit. Cont.  
Jablecki Leon Stanishlaw Page 1 Page 2  
Jablecki Reba Lucile Page 1    
Jackson Alice   Page 1    
Jackson Alma Jean Byrd Page 1    
Jackson Barbara   Page 1    
Jackson Berman A. Page 1 Page 2  
Jackson Dent Garner Page 1    
Jackson Dixie Evelyn Page 1    
Jackson Edsel Matthews Page 1    
Jackson Emma Pearl Nixon Page 1    
Jackson Florence   Page 1    
Jackson Gertrude T. Page 1    
Jackson Glen Allen Page 1    
Jackson James Carroll Page 1    
Jackson Jesse D. Page 1    
Jackson Jimmy W. Page 1    
Jackson Josie   Page 1    
Jackson Lillie Mae Page 1    
Jackson Marie   Page 1    
Jackson Marion Franklin Page 1    
Jackson Mary   Page 1    
Jackson Max B. Page 1    
Jackson Minnie Baxley Page 1    
Jackson Norman Paul Page 1    
Jackson Rebecca   Page 1    
Jackson Robert Dean  Page 1    
Jackson Robert H. Page 1    
Jackson Sallie Holman Page 1 Page 2  
Jackson Shem Campbell, Jr. Page 1    
Jackson Shem Campbell, Sr. Page 1    
Jackson Susie Miller Page 1    
Jackson Thelma Lisenby Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Jackson Thomas Stroud Page 1 Page 2  
Jackson Tommie   Page 1    
Jackson Willie James Page 1    
Jackson Wilmer Grant Page 1    
Jackson Wirt, Jr.    Page 1    
Jacob Coy   Page 1    
Jacobs Annie T. Page 1    
Jacobs Douglas Edward Page 1    
Jacobs Ernest Harold Page 1 Page 2  
Jacobs Foy Mae Page 1    
Jacobs Grace Scott Page 1    
Jacobs Catherine  Nolin Page 1    
Jacobs Jim Tom Page 1    
Jacobs Jo  Ann Page 1    
Jacobs Thomas Edward Page 1    
Jacobs Vena Ziglar Page 1    
Jacobs Walter   Page 1    
Jacobsen Beatrice Edwards Page 1    
Jaggars Charles R. Page 1    
Jaggars Rita   Page 1    
Jakobsen John Michael Page 1    
James Audrey Giddens Page 1    
James Doris C. Townley Page 1    
James Robert Gray Page 1    
James Martha Lee Stroud Page 1 Page 2  
James William D. Page 1 Page 2  
Jamison Gary Dewayne Page 1    
Jardine Kriss   Page 1    
Jarman Roger Keith Page 1    
Jarmon James Henry Page 1 Page 2  
Jarmon Mozella   Page 1    
Jarvis Harry Leonard Page 1    
Jarvis Hettie Faye Page 1    
Jarvis Mary Elizabeth Page 1    
Jay Ewell M. Page 1    
Jay Ida Clark Corcoran Page 1 Page 2  
Jay James W. Page 1 Page 2  
Jay Pearl   Page 1    
Jaynes Frances Adams Page 1 Page 2  
Jeffrey Alpha B. Page 1    
Jelich  Walter J. Page 1    
Jemelka Willie Gertrude Page 1    
Jenkins Brianna Grace Page 1    
Jenkins Callie Berta Page 1    
Jenkins Ethel Parmer Page 1    
Jenkins Henry L., Sr.  Page 1 Page 2  
Jenkins James Frank  Page 1    
Jenkins Jean Metcalf Page 1    
Jenkins Joanne E. Page 1 Page 2  
Jenkins Johanna E. Page 1    
Jenkins John   Page 1    
Jenkins Kourtney   Page 1    
Jenkins Mary Alice Page 1    
Jenkins Merle Trammell Page 1    
Jenkins Nancy   Page 1    
Jenkins Paul Johnson Page 1    
Jenkins Sybil Walker Page 1    
Jenkins William Thomas Page 1    
Jenne Ned Phillip Page 1    
Jennings Bessie Mae Williams Page 1    
Jergenson Lillian Leona  Page 1 Page 2  
Jerkins Bertie Frances Page 1    
Jerkins Kathleen Anderson Page 1    
Jerkins Kenneth   Page 1    
Jerkins Velma Lois Page 1    
Jernegan Gladys E. Page 1    
Jernegan Louise H. Page 1    
Jernigan Jerry D. Page 1    
Jernigan Melba   Page 1    
Jernigan Robert Collie Page 1    
Jett Pauline N. Page 1    
Jewell James Walden Page 1    
Jeznach Michael   Page 1    
Jiles John Wesley Page 1    
Jimmerson Bill   Page 1    
Jimmerson Edwin Don Page 1    
Jimmerson Lucille McGregor Page 1    
Jimmerson Pearl Tharpe Page 1 Page 2  
Jimmerson Samuel David Page 1 Page 2  
Jinks Dennis Marshall Page 1    
Jimmerson Samuel David Page 1 Page 2
Johns Grace W Page 1  
Johns Era Lynn Gordan Page 1 Page 2
Johns John J.   Page 1  
Johns Luke   Page 1  
Johns Orea   Page 1  
Johns Rebecca Jean Carroll Page 1  
Johns Ryan Charles Page 1  
Johnson Alice Jean Page 1  
Johnson Allison Fuller Page 1  
Johnson Alvin James Page 1  
Johnson Anita Napier Page 1  
Johnson Annie Catherine Page 1  
Johnson Asievell   Page 1  
Johnson Augusta Reeves Page 1  
Johnson Barbara K. Page 1  
Johnson Ben Ray Page 1 Page 2
Johnson Benjamin L. Page 1 Page 2
Johnson Bennie Mack Page 1  
Johnson Bernard Ralph Page 1  
Johnson Betsy Heath Page 1 Page 2
Johnson Betty Ammons Page 1  
Johnson Bill   Page 1  
Johnson Brenda Chandler Page 1  
Johnson Bryan Neal Page 1  
Johnson Carle   Page 1  
Johnson Charlie Eddie Page 1  
Johnson Clara Gissendanner Page 1  
Johnson David   Page 1  
Johnson David Franklin Page 1 Page 2
Johnson Debby C. Page 1  
Johnson Delma   Page 1  
Johnson Dollie Senn Page 1  
Johnson Donna S.  Page 1  
Johnson Douglas   Page 1  
Johnson Edith Grace Page 1  
Johnson Elizabeth Norton Page 1  
Johnson Ella   Page 1  
Johnson Etta   Page 1  
Johnson Eugene   Page 1  
Johnson Eureka   Page 1  
Johnson Evelyn Lanell Page 1  
Johnson Evelyn R. Page 1  
Johnson Evelyn Fay Pennington

Page 1

Johnson Ferrell L. Page 1  
Johnson Fred Braxton Page 1  
Johnson Froman Bruce Page 1  
Johnson Gary Lee Page 1  
Johnson George Vernon Page 1  
Johnson Grady   Page 1  
Johnson Guy Hill Page 1  
Johnson Henry Earnest Page 1  
Johnson Henry Lee Page 1  
Johnson Hollie   Page 1  
Johnson Holman   Page 1  
Johnson Ida Pearl Page 1  
Johnson Iva Jackson Page 1  
Johnson James Eddie Page 1  
Johnson Janie S. Page 1  
Johnson Jeffrey Brian Page 1  
Johnson Jerry C. Page 1  
Johnson Jess    Page 1  
Johnson Jessie A. Page 1  
Johnson Jessie Childers Page 1  
Johnson Jim   Page 1  
Johnson Jo Carol Page 1  
Johnson John W. Page 1  
Johnson Joseph S. Page 1  
Johnson Karen Lynn Page 1  
Johnson Lanara   Page 1  
Johnson Larry Lee Page 1  
Johnson Leander M. Page 1  
Johnson Lillie W. Page 1  
Johnson Linna Godwin Page 1  
Johnson Lonice Evans Page 1  
Johnson Lorene   Page 1  
Johnson Lou  Pruitt Page 1  
Johnson Louise   Page 1  
Johnson Louise May Page 1  
Johnson Louise Parker Page 1  
Johnson Lupita Ruiz Castillo Page 1  
Johnson Mack Carver Page 1  Page 2
Johnson Marion Clifton Page 1  
Johnson Marion Olen Page 1  
Johnson Martha Elmira Page 1  
Johnson Mary Ruth Page 1  
Johnson Mary S. Page 1  
Johnson Matthew Phillip Page 1  
Johnson Merle Deloney Page 1  
Johnson Mildred Carr  Page 1  
Johnson Molly Ann  Page 1  
Johnson Ned Roger Page 1  
Johnson Nell Hunt Page 1  
Johnson Nicholas   Page 1  
Johnson Nita Helms Page 1  
Johnson Ola May Page 1  
Johnson Oleta Smart Page 1  
Johnson O'Neal   Page 1  
Johnson Palistine   Page 1  
Johnson Pattie Baughn Page 1  
Johnson Paul  Charles Page 1  
Johnson Paul H. Page 1  
Johnson Paul L. Page 1  
Johnson Peggy   Page 1  
Johnson Perry Robert Page 1  
Johnson Phyillis Peacock Page 1  
Johnson R. B. Page 1  
Johnson R. H. Page 1  
Johnson Randall Scott Page 1  
Johnson Ray   Page 1  
Johnson Raymond P. Page 1  
Johnson Rebecca   Page 1  
Johnson Richard Franklin Page 1 Page 2
Johnson Robert Charles Page 1  
Johnson Robert  Jr. Page 1  
Johnson Robert Sterling Page 1  
Johnson Ronald Carlton Page 1  
Johnson Rufus Clyde Page 1  
Johnson Ruth Taylor Page 1  
Johnson Sam  Taylor Page 1  
Johnson Sammie F. Page 1 Page 2
Johnson Samuel C. Page 1  
Johnson Shirley Rena Page 1
Johnson Stephen Andrew Page 1  
Johnson Ted N. Page 1  
Johnson Timothy Carl Sr.  Page 1  
Johnson Tommie Jr. Page 1  
Johnson Travis Neil Page 1  
Johnson Vallie   Page 1  
Johnson Verlie Beatrice Page 1  
Johnson Vernell Segars Page 1  
Johnson Vernon B. Page 1  
Johnson Virginia Newsome Page 1  
Johnson Voncille   Page 1  
Johnson Walter Clayton Page 1  
Johnson Walter Dow Page 1  
Johnson William Elmie Page 1  
Johnson William Henry Page 1  
Johnson Willie Earl Page 1  
Johnson Winfred C. Page 1  
Johnston Charles   Page 1  
Johnston Charles Louis Page 1 Page 2
Johnston George   Page 1  
Johnston James Clayton Page 1  
Johnston James Thomas Page 1  
Johnston Jewel   Page 1 Page 2
Johnston Jon Daren Page 1  
Johnston Lorenzo   Page 1 Page 1
Johnston Nadine Floyd Page 1  
Johnston Porter   Page 1  
Johnston Rutha Bell Page 1  
Johnston Sadie S. Page 1  
Johnston Willie Clyde Page 1  


Merle A. Page 1  


Jeanne   Page 1  
Joiner William Baxter "Bill" Page 1 Page 2
Jolly Elsie Mae Page 1  
Jolly George Gordon Page 1  
Jolly Lee Ann Page 1  
Jolly Malinda   Page 1  
Jones Allouine   Page 1  
Jones Annette   Page 1  
Jones Annie Burke Page 1  
Jones Arthur Bernard Page 1  
Jones Bonnie Maxine Page 1  
Jones Berta Faust Page 1 Page 2
Jones Beuna "Bunny" S.  Page 1  
Jones Bobby Donald Page 1  
Jones Calvin E. Page 1  
Jones Ceola   Page 1  
Jones Charles H. Page 1  
Jones Clara "Tat" Gibson Page 1  
Jones Clyde   Page 1  
Jones Clyde Woodrow Page 1  
Jones David L. Page 1  
Jones DeLois   Page 1  
Jones Doris Anne Hooper Page 1  
Jones Dorothy Lisenby Page 1  
Jones Elsie   Page 1  
Jones Ernest   Page 1  
Jones Gertrude   Page 1  
Jones Gilbert M. Page 1  
Jones Grace   Page 1  
Jones Harry Harley Page 1  
Jones Hazel Zeigler Page 1  
Jones Homer   Page 1  
Jones Homer T. Page 1  
Jones Issac   Page 1  
Jones Jack E. Page 1  
Jones James Carey Page 1  
Jones James Robert Page 1  
Jones Jay W. Page 1  
Jones Jeanne Carol Page 1  
Jones Jerry Ray Page 1  
Jones Jesse James Page 1  
Jones Joe H. Page 1  
Jones John   Page 1#mctmp  
Jones John D. Page 1 Page 2
Jones Joseph A. Page 1  
Jones Katrina A. Page 1  
Jones Kristopher Zane Page 1  
Jones Leila Fulford Page 1  
Jones Lois Jean Page 1  
Jones Lutrell   Page 1  
Jones Mae Julia  Page 1  
Jones Mark   Page 1  
Jones Marvin Eugene Page 1 Page 2
Jones Mary Francis Page 1  
Jones Melonae Bullington Page 1  
Jones Michael R. Page 1  
Jones Michelle Simone Page 1  
Jones Milton Ziegler Page 1 Page 2
Jones Morell B. Page 1  
Jones Myra Snell Page 1  
Jones Patsy  Dianne Thornell Page 1  
Jones Phillip A. Page 1  
Jones Robert Ruben Page 1  
Jones Ruby Adkins Page 1  
Jones Ruby Thomley Page 1  
Jones Russell   Page 1 Page 2
Jones Sarah Barefield Page 1  
Jones Stella M. Page 1  
Jones Stephen  Lee Page 1  
Jones Steven Lee Page 1  
Jones Susie Irene Page 1  
Jones Thelma Gaither Page 1  
Jones Thomas A. Page 1  
Jones Vera Deal Page 1  
Jones William   Page 1  
Jones William O. Page 1  
Jones Willie   Page 1  
Jordan Alma Pilot Page 1  
Jordan Billy   Page 1  
Jordan Haskell C. Page 1 Page 2
Jordan Jefferson David Page 1  
Jordan Jo Ann   Page 1  
Jordan John Edward  Page 1  
Jordan Leon T. Page 1  
Jordan Mathis T. Page 1  
Jordan Ora Mae Page 1  
Jorgenson Clayton M. Page 1  
Joyce Clifford Vann Page 1  
Joyner Clinton "Clint" Warren Sr. Page 1  
Joyner Sarah Louise Page 1  
Judah Clyde   Page 1  
Judah David Allen Page 1  
Judah Don   Page 1  
Judah Era Cain Page 1  
Judah Fannie Grantham Page 1  
Judah Gussie P. Page 1  
Judah Herman  Oscar Page 1  
Judah Joseph   Page 1  
Judah Margaret Connell Page 1  
Judah Ronald Skeets Page 1  
Judah Sandra Faye Wilkins Page 1  
Judah Ulysses Skeets Page 1  
Judah William Neal Page 1  
Judy Berenice G. Page 1  
Judy Christopher Mark Page 1  
Judy Donnell Kenneth Page 1  
Judy Penelope W. Page 1  
Juergens Elizabeth Blanche Page 1  
Justice James Albert Page 1  
Justice Luvenia C. Page 1