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These obituaries appear online exactly as our copy appears.  Some of them have smeared text or are incomplete or cut off. If you have a better copy of an obituary that you would like to be put on the website, please contact our genealogy department at 

Last Name First Name Middle Name Obituary Obit. Cont. Obit. Cont.
Fagin Bessie Martin Page 1    
Fain Adeline Turner Page 1    
Fain Edwin Earl Page 1    
Fain Mac Kenneth Page 1    
Fain Minnie Vera Page 1    
Fain Nettie  Geraldine Thompson Page 1    
Fain Rosetta   Page 1    
Fairchild George Beyer Page 1    
Faircloth Bernard   Page 1    
Faison Leonard Edward Page 1    
Faison Melba Haynes Page 1    
Fansler Viola Ruth Page 1 Page 2  
Farley Jeanne Diane Hines Page 1    
Farmer James A. Page 1    
Farmer Jimmie  (Sue) Page 1    
Farmer Lawrence Douglas Page 1    
Farmer Libbie      Page 1    
Farmer Lynn   Page 1    
Farmer Willie Guy Page 1    
Farner Fred H. Page 1    
Farner Harriett F. Page 1    
Farner Ruby Hallford Page 1    
Farnum Avon R. Page 1    
Farris Elder Laymon Page 1 Page 2  
Farris Grace Crosby Page 1    
Farris Jewell Aniet Page 1    
Farris Jim  B. Page 1    
Farris Mary Henrietta Page 1    
Fary Eva Mae Page 1    
Fauble Phyllis   Page 1    
Faulk Amanda Leigh Page 1    
Faulk Annie Evans Page 1    
Faulk Bienville   Page 1    
Faulk Billy M. Page 1    
Faulk Eddie  Earl Sr.  Page 1    
Faulk Elizabeth   Page 1    
Faulk George W. Page 1    
Faulk Gerald A. Page 1    
Faulk Huey   Page 1    
Faulk James Allen Page 1    
Faulk Johnnie Lee Page 1    
Faulk Joseph   Page 1    
Faulk Katrina Jean Page 1    
Faulk Ladye   Page 1    
Faulk Marion   Page 1    
Faulk Mark   Page 1    
Faulk Michael Gary Page 1    
Faulk Nydia V. Page 1    
Faulk R. A. Page 1    
Faulk Sarah   Page 1    
Faulk Shellie Michael Page 1    
Faulk Wayne   Page 1    
Faulkner Tessie Ann Page 1    
Faust Dan W. Page 1    
Faust J. P.   Page 1    
Faust Randal   Page 1 Page 2  
Faust Robert Lewe Page 1    
Faust W. F. Page 1    
Faust Walter Bryan Page 1
Feggins Johnnie Lee Page 1    
Felder Deborah Brownfield Page 1    
Fender Isa Lorraine Page 1    
Fenn Sarah Williams Page 1    
Ferbee Lois   Page 1    
Ferebee Lois   Page 1    
Ferguson David   Page 1    
Ferguson John H. Page 1    
Ferguson Kevin Brookins Page 1    
Ferguson Maudie Cumerford Page 1 Page 2  
Fernandez Helen Romona White Page 1    
Feroumont Jean Joseph Page 1    
Ferrell Elder Clarence Page 1    
Ferrette Alphonzo Daniel Page 1    
Ferris Helen   Page 1    
Fickle Mary Denise Page 1    
Field Annie  (Tina) Page 1  Page 2 Page 3
Field Mary Louise   Page 1    
Fields Charles Morgan Page 1 Page 2  
Fields Herbert W. Page 1    
Fields Jimmie   Page 1    
Fields Willie Collins Page 1    
Fife Shirley Faye Page 1    
Fifield Lavina   Page 1    
Fillingim Buford C. Page 1    
Finch Oddie B. Page 1    
Findley Wilma Anne Page 1    
Fink Eugene C. Page 1    
Finn Cora L. Page 1    
Finstead Denny Weston Page 1    
Fischer Arnold   Page 1    
Fischer Lela Pauline Page 1 Page 2  
Fish Harvey L. Page 1 Page 2  
Fish Mary M. Page 1    
Fisher Albert I. Page 1 Page 2  
Fisher Madra June Page 1    
Fisher Martha   Page 1    
Fisher Merle Peebles Page 1 Page 2  
Fisher Myrl Munn Page 1 Page 2  
Fisher William "Bill" Page 1 Page 2  
Fisher William Joseph Page 1    
Fitch  Cynthia  Robinson Page 1    
Fitton Cynthia Corley Page 1    
Fitzgerald Shadynelle Goff Page 1    
Flake Harvey   Page 1    
Flake Mary Lavelle Page 1    
Fleeman Coy Lee Page 1    
Fleming Allene Killebrew Page 1    
Fleming Denzil   Page 1    
Fleming Edgar Fred Page 1    
Fleming Flora Tatum Page 1    
Fleming Juanita   Page 1    
Fleming Sheryl Mobley Page 1    
Flippo Charles   Page 1    
Flores Aurelio Contreras Page 1    
Flournoy Alice Redding Page 1    
Flournoy Willie J. Page 1    
Flower Corinne Wells Page 1    
Flower  Lawrence F. Page 1    
Flowers Ab   Page 1    
Flowers Curtis   Page 1    
Flowers Frances Marshall Page 1    
Flowers Gloria Grant Page 1    
Flowers Helen Marie Page 1    
Flowers Hubert A. Page 1    
Flowers James Edward Page 1    
Flowers Jessie Stokes Page 1    
Flowers Kimberly Chapman Page 1    
Flowers Lillie Shaw Page 1    
Flowers Lorraine Hall Page 1    
Flowers Nettie M. Page 1    
Flowers Sarah Byrd Page 1 Page 2  
Page 1
Flowers Sylvester   Page 1    
Floyd James Ira Page 1    
Floyd Johnnie Mae Page 1    
Floyd Linda   Page 1    
Floyd Martha Jo  Page 1    
Floyd Mary Dale Page 1    
Floyd Thomas   Page 1    
Flynn John Elmer Page 1    
Flythe Joyce Elaine Page 1    
Flythe William L. Page 1    
Fobber G. Scott Page 1    
Foerch Christopher Carl Page 1    
Foerster Eugene A. Page 1    
Folds Edward R. Page 1    
Folds Faye Bludsworth Page 1    
Folds Flossie Hodges Page 1    
Folds Ruby Jewel Page 1    
Foley Danielle Marie Page 1    
Folmar Sam Davis Page 1    
Fondren Mark A. Page 1    
Fontenot Dora Bell Page 1    
Fontenot Richard C. Page 1    
Foote James Edward Page 1    
Foote Mary Ann Page 1    
Foote Myrtle R. Page 1    
Forbes David Thomas Page 1    
Forbes William Edward Page 1    
Ford Bessie   Page 1    
Ford Ethel Mae Page 1    
Ford Fred   Page 1    
Ford Helen Louise Page 1    
Ford John Ralph Page 1    
Ford Lois Allen Page 1    
Ford Wallace W. Page 1    
Forehand Era   Page 1    
Foreman Alex Carson Page 1    
Foreman Myrtle Langford Page 1    
Foreman Rachel H. Page 1    
Forester Minta L. Urquhart Page 1    
Formby Viva Gaye Page 1    
Forrester Mary Trawick Page 1    
Forston Eric   Page 1    
Foshee Alvin Luther Page 1    
Foster Susie Carolyn Smith Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Fountain James Alvin Page 1    
Fountain John   Page 1    
Fowler Una Dell Page 1    
Foy Ida Bea Page 1    
Fraley Mark C Page 1    
Fraley Walter   Page 1    
Fralish Eunice M. Page 1    
Fralish Eva   Page 1    
Fralish Fred T. Page 1    
Fralish Jean Perry Page 1    
Fralish Jerry Dean Page 1    
Fralish John C. Page 1    
Fralish Martha   Page 1    
Fralish Perry Jean Page 1    
Fralish Vivy Langford Page 1    
Franke Norma Jane Page 1  


Franklin Carthell   Page 1  
Franklin Lawrence   Page 1  
Franklin Lishie   Page 1  
Franklin Mildred June Page 1  
Franklin Nathaniel "Big" Page 1 Page 2
Franklin Ruby   Page 1  
Franks Velma Jewel Page 1  
Frazier Bennie Jean Page 1  
Frazier Jewell   Page 1  
Frazier Obie   Page 1  
Frazier Richard   Page 1  
Frazier Vernice   Page 1  
Free Edna Catherine Page 1  
Free Edward   Page 1  
Free Hugh Earl Page 1  
Free Janice Bagwell Page 1  
Free Sr. Larry Loyce Page 1 Page 2
Free Lloyd G. Page 1  
Free Lovis Wiley Page 1  
Free Loyce M. Page 1  
Free Ruby Davis Page 1  
Free Terry Wynn Page 1  
Freeman Annie Ruth Page 1  
Freeman Cecile   Page 1  
Freeman Michael Steven Page 1  
Freeman Rosie   Page 1  
French Charles   Page 1  
Frier Warren Scott Page 1  
Frierson Roma Patterson Page 1  
Fritz Edward William Page 1  
Frost Herman E. Page 1  
Frost Laura Evelyn Wilks Page 1  
Frusha Rita Ann Page 1  
Fryer Charles Muriel Page 1  
Fulford Louise Dillard Page 1  
Fulford Myrtle Spooner Page 1  
Fuller Dale Carroll Page 1 Page 2
Fuller Georgia Jones Page 1  
Fuller Jasmin Charmaine Page 1  
Fuller Kay Heath Page 1  
Fulton Dorothy E. Page 1  
Fultz Merle Douglas Page 1  
Fuqua Estelle Skipper Page 1  
Fuqua Inez Lavender Page 1  
Fuqua Linda Faye Page 1 Page 2
Fuqua Mary E. Page 1  
Fuqua Mary Sue Page 1  
Fuqua Robert Lamar Page 1  
Furnier William Clyde Page 1 Page 2
Furqueron George M. Page 1  
Furqueron Margaret Elizabeth Kelley Page 1  
Fustine Annie Johnson Page 1