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Notebooks and Materials

The following is a list of  some of the many Notebooks and Materials that are located in the Genealogy room at the Ozark-Dale County Public Library and can be used upon request:


  • Knights Of Pythias: Grand Lodge; Ozark, Alabama

"The Fraternal Order of Knights of Pythias and its members are dedicated to the cause of universal peace. Pythians are pledged to the promotion of understanding among men of good will as the surest means of attaining Universal Peace"

1893 - 1898

  • Roll of Officers





  • The Davis Family Scrapbook: Robert Henry Davis and Mary Ann Law Davis




Coat of Arms used when Richard the Lion-Hearted ruled England, and Historical

Page 1


Page 2


Page 3

Letter from Mrs Frank Stewart, Montgomery, Ala. and "The Davis Family".

Page 4

Letter from the Medical Association of the State of Alabama, showing death of Dr. Davis record, and the Pike Co. Med. Association, Troy Ala.

Page 5

Certification of the marriage of Dr. R.H. Davis and Mary Ann Law and Land Deed Listed in Pike Co.

Page 6

Land Deeds.

Page 7

Land Deeds.

Page 8

Land Deeds and Letter verifying the fact Dr. Davis was the first Medical Doctor in Dale, Pike, Coffee and Barbour Counties in the vicinity of Tennille, Ala.

Page 9

Letters of Historical Interest from Mrs. James Norman, Grandaugther of Dr. Davis.

Pages 10-16

Copy of letter to Queen Elizabeth of Englad and the reply.

Page 17

Letter from Mrs. Myra Coston Ward, on research in Troy Messenger of 1890, and letter from Jeffereson-Hayes Davis verifying Reference.

Page 18

In Memory of William Robert Weeks and Descendants of John and Lena Weeks, Ozark, Ala.

Page 19

Pictures of Mary Ann Law Davis, Mary L. Davis Smith, Martha Davis Black and Henry W. Davis.

Page 21

Pictures of Mill Stream and Dam of the Eutsie Bill Davis Mill, Springfield Baptist Church, Graves of Dr. Davis, Stream and Ben Galloway.

Page 22

Mrs. Maude Fleming, wife of Jeff Davis and Jim Davis and wives.

Page 23

Picture of Willie Black and Jimmie and Ola Black, as a child.

Page 24

 Mrs. P.R. Miniard, (Mattie Davis) as a child, and pictures of: Mrs. Doshie Pryor, and her daugther, Carrie (who is Mrs. Charles Holder) and Mrs. Pryors's son, Clifton T. Pryor with Catherine Malissa Dykes, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Saxon Dykes Sr. with her doll.

Page 26

  • Complete Class Record Book - Twenty Weeks (Ozark, AL)


  •  Dale County "High School Mirror"


  •  The Matrons Study Club - Ozark, Alabama


  •  The Misses Club - Ozark, Alabama


  •  History of the Ozark Service League


  • Ozark Service Leage - Ozark, Alabama


  •  The Three-In-One Study Club - Elba, Alabama


  •  The Gardenia Garden Club - Ozark, Alabama


  •  Ozark Presbyterian Church - Ozark, Alabama


  •  United Daugthers of the Confederacy; Stonewall Jackson Chapter - Ozark, Alabama


  •  The Study Club - Ozark Alabama


  • The Book Club - Ozark, Alabama


  •  The Woman's Guild - 6th District


  •  Arts Guild - Ozark, Alabama


  •  Daughters of the American Revolution - Ozark, Alabama


  •  The Delta Kappa Gamma Society - Ozark, Alabama


  •  Harry M. Nixon Elementary School Parent Teacher Assocation - Ozark Alabama


  • Maude Martin Study Club - Ozark, Alabama


  •  Historical Sketch of the Pride of Alabama No 60, Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliate Ozark

1905 -2000

  •  Ozark Study Club Meetings (Day Book)


  •  Planters and Merchants Bank - Ozark, Alabama


  •  Clayton Bank Ledger - Clayton, Alabama


  •  "C.M. Weed" Ledger


  •  S.F. Ledger" Financial Ledger for local unidentified church


  •  "Fieldbook" Notebook of class in surveying; owned by J.T. Culpepper


  •  Scrapbook of Newspaper Articles written and collected by F.B. Cullens of Ozark, Alabama


  •  Day Book - Account book of items purchased at local store


  •  Planters and Merchants Bank Signature Book - Ozark, Alabama


  •  Register of Money Orders Issued at Post OFfice- Charlton, Alabama


  •  Cash Book of Domestic Money Order Office


  • "D.A. Smith - Once Upon A Time"


  •  D.A. Smith High School Class of 1964 Memorial Service, 60th Birthday and 42nd Class Reunion


  • D.A. Smith Class of 1964 40th Class Reunion  July 2-4, 2004


  •   Exciting Downtown Dothan