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Library Staff:

Sandra Holmes, Director
Joni Wood, Assistant Director
Jocelyn Rayford, Genealogy / Reference Librarian
Karen Speck, Acquisitions Processor
Cheryl Schwartzkopf, Children's Librarian
Holly Burns, Head Circulation Clerk
Rosalie Lanning, Bookkeeper 
Darnell Johnson, Circulation Clerk
Michael Walden, IT/Webmaster
Jeff Devine, IT/Webmaster
Lou Harry, Cataloger
Victoria Spellman, Custodian


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Ozark-Dale County Public Library Scrapbooks

  • Dale County, Alabama Genealogical and Historical Society Newspapers

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  •  Race Equality Heritage Program
  •  Friends of Ozark Information/Scrapbook
  •  Library Scrapbook: 1998
  •  Library Scrapbook: 1999
  •  Library Scrapbook: 2000
  •  Library Scrapbook: 2001-2002
  •  Library Scrapbook: 2003-2004
  •  Library Scrapbook: 2005-2007
  • The Children of Levi Peacock
  • Descendents of Benjamin Walding
  • John A. Auston, 1815 - 1893
  • Ariton: Gleanings from the Southern Star
  • The Writings of W.C. Mathews
  • Echo School Reunion Notebook
  • Rev. George and Ophelia Matthews Family Notebook
  • Dewey P. Williams Scrapbook
  • Sacred Harp - Dewey P. Williams Notebook
  • The Lineage of the Chalker Family (1640 - 2000)
  • The Carroll, Newton, and Allied Family Notebook
  • Newman-Strickland Family Notebook
  • African-American Community of Ozark Notebook
  • Thomas Colvin Family Scrapbook
  • Powell Family Notebook
  • Descendants of Elijah Hays - Mary Harrod
  • Stubbs Family Reunion
  • Stokes Ancestry
  • The Mizell Family