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History of Churches & Organizations

 *The following is a list of materials compiled and filed under the History of Churches and Organizations. They can be found in the Genealogy Room at the Ozark-Dale County Public Library.


  • First Missionary Baptist Church Ozark, Alabama: 5-10-1987 
  • First Missionary Baptist Church Ozark, Alabama: 10-4-1992
  • E.T. (Tillman) Riley's Genealogical Survey of Beat Nine (Echo) - Dale County, AL
  • Claybank Church Record: 4-16-1868
  • Fifty Years of 4-H Clubwork in Dale County Alabama: 1910-1960
  • Center Ridge: Our Community, Our Church, Our Heritage: 7-15-1979
  • Ozark Presbyterian Church Dedication Program: 9-8-1968
  • History of Ozark Baptist Church: 1848-1970
  • Shiloh Baptist Church and Cemetary
  • Gladys Boswell Sunday School Class Ridgecrest Baptist Church: 1999-2000
  • Bethel United Methodist Church: Ozark, AL
  • Old Zion Baptist Church History: 1889-1989
  • March of Methodism through Alabama and West Florida
  • Dale County Baptist Association History: 1866-1965
  • Minutes of Annual Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church: 1829-1839
  • The History of Providence Baptist Church: 1849-1999
  • The Baptist Collegiate Institute and it's first Principal
  • Asbury United Methodist Church and Cemetery Census, Dale County, AL: 1987
  • Transcript of the Pea River Presbyterian Church, Barbour County, Alabama