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Cemetery Books

*The following is a list of Cemetery Books located in the Genealogy room at the Ozark-Dale County Public Library.

  • Cemeteries of Fort Rucker
  • Cemeteries Moved From Fort Rucker
  • Alphabetized Index of Selected Obituaries; Dothan Eagle and Southern Star
  • Dale County, Alabama Tomb Inscriptions Index
  • Mt. Carmel UMC Cemetery Records Dale County, AL
  • Travelers Rest and Sardis Cemeteries
  • Salem Baptist Cemetery Records Dale County
  • Dale County Cemetery Records from 1948 Back
  • Fort Rucker Cemetery Listings
  • Hartford City Cemetery; Geneva County, AL
  • Cemeteries of Dale County
  • Coffee County Alabama Cemetery Records
  • Pike County Death Records Volume 1; February 1920 - December 1928
  • Pike County Death Records Volume 2; February 1925 - December 1938
  • Henry County Cemeteries
  • A List of Obituaries from The Southern Star from 1931
  • Henry County Alabama Cemetery Records
  • Cobb Funeral Record Book Index; May 5, 1927 - August 10, 1934
  • African-American and Caucasian Cemeteries for Dale County
  • Autauga County, AL Cemetery Records
  • Barbour County Cemetery Records
  • Inscription of All White Cemeteries; Houston County, AL




Richardson/Dean Cemetery

This information was submitted by Shelby Corcoran 
According to Ms. Corcoran, "There are 14 graves, and I have information on 
all of them. Jesse R. Dean & Rebecca Smith Dean were my 3x great 
grandparents. Listed below is the information I have on each person:"

Jesse Dean, (Jesse R. Dean) b. July 18, 1804 GA---d. June 26, 1880, Dale 

Rebecca Dean, (Rebecca Smith, wife of Jesse R. Dean) 
b. July 4, 1804---d. Sept. 2, 1879. 

A.T. Dean, (Abner Thomas Dean, 1st child of Jess R. Dean and Rebecca Smith 
b. June 18, 1825 ---d. Oct. 20, 1895. 

Elizabeth H Dean (2nd child of Jesse R. Dean & Rebecca Smith Dean) 
b. May 7, 1831---d. Feb. 2, 1901. 

Jarrett W. Dean (3rd child of Jesse R. Dean & Rebecca Smith Dean-died at age 
21- never married) b. Sept. 5, 1835---d. Aug. 11, 1856. 

Sarah Patience Dean (5th child of Jesse R. Dean & Rebecca Smith Dean- 
married Henry Littleberry Richardson on Oct. 30, 1871 in Dale County, AL) b. 
May 9. 1847---d. March 13, 1925 

Henry Littleberry Richardson, (son of Augustus R. Richardson & 2nd wife, 
Falby Cobb Brooks Gilmore Richardson- Falby was a widow of James L. Gilmore 
when she married Augustus) Henry was b. Dec. 1, 1851---April 16, 1939. 

George A. Richardson
 (5th child of Henry Littleberry Richardson & Sarah 
b. May 17, 1879---d. Sept. 30, 1884. 

Edward "Eddie" Richardson (10th child of Henry Littleberry Richardson and 
Sarah Patience Dean Richardson-died at age 1 month), July 17, 1891---Aug. 
10, 1891. 

Martha M. Dean (5th child of Jabez "Joe" Dean & Lydia Ann "Jane" Gilmore 
Dean-died at age 14, one day after the death of her sister Eudora) b. May 1, 
1875---d. June 21, 1889. 

Eudora B. Dean ( 6th child of Jabez "Joe" Dean & Lydia Ann "Jane" Gilmore 
Dean-died at age 11 one day before her sister Martha's death) b. Sept. 5, 
1878---d. June 20, 1889. 

J. C. Richardson (Jesse Clarence Richardson, 1st child of Charles Oscar 
Richardson & Emma Clifford Trawick. Charles Oscar was the son of Henry Littleberry 
Richardson & Sarah Patience Dean-died at age 8). b. Oct 6, 1909 - d. June 3, 1917

Richardson Infant (Infant son, 3rd child of Charles Oscar Richardson & Emma 
Clifford Trawick) b. March 15, 1912---d. March 15, 1912. 

Vera Paul (Vera Paul was daughter of William Paul & Missouri Frances Brown; 
William Paul was son of Lydia Ann Gilmore Paul Dean and her 1st husband John 
Ross Paul) Vera was born July 31, 1900---d. Oct. 14, 1900. 

It should be noted that Ms. Corcoran says, "My research indicates that all 9 
children of Jesse R. Dean & Rebecca Smith are buried in this cemetery, but 4 
sons do not appear in this transcription. I have not personally been to 
this cemetery so I cannot verify whether their graves are there or not". 

1. Joseph "Jabez" D. "Joe" Dean b. March 15, 1840---d. June 12, 1913, 
Ariton, AL.

2. David E. Dean b. May 20, 1842---d. April 14, 1857 (at age 15). 

3. James G. Dean b. b. 1854 per1860 Dale Co. AL census, ---d. date 

4. Jesse F. Dean b. 1945 (per 1860 Dale County, AL Census) - d. unknown