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Ozark Pokemon League

Join us each Saturday from 1pm-4pm in the West Wing of the Library for Pokemon fun!




Pokémon GO is here!

And the library is a Pokéstop!


Come by and try to catch 'em all!




 Tournament Information Updates

About our Pokémon League
Are you a Parent that wants to learn?
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League Photos
Learn how to play Pokémon
Updates about League 


Do you play Pokémon at home and wonder if there are others that play?

Well, of course there are!

There are people of all ages that join us to play Pokémon; yes EVEN parents!!

Pokémon is a GREAT game!
...and we'd love for you to join us!



 Come on down to the Ozark-Dale County Public Library on Saturdays from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.! 

Whether you are a new player or an experienced player, we welcome you to the League!

Simply bring your own 60-card deck made up of Pokémon cards from sets Black & White: Boundries Crossed & forward and/or your Pokémon video game! If you have any further questions, simply call 334-774-5480.






ODCPL Pokemon Facebook




League Photos
League takes place Saturdays 1-4pm in the Library's West Wing. Check out the fun we have!

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Are you a parent? 
Do you want to understand what your kids are talking about?  

Check out the Pokemon parent's guide!

Want to learn how to play the Pokémon card game? 

Simply click on the playmat!





Legal Standard Pokémon Sets as of September 2016   

 XY Primal Clash -> onward



 Have you been to

It is a GREAT tool to get ready for your next Pokémon game.

  • The most complete POKEDEX!
  • See Pokemon evolution lines!
  • Build your decklist for the next tournament is a GREAT resource for... 


  • A POKEDEX with card images! 
  • A community to talk about Pokémon!
  • Spoilers for new sets!






If you or your kids are hardcore Pokémon fans, is a forum that can keep you well informed on various aspects of the Pokémon universe of characters and stats. Check it out today and learn more.