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"Tail Waggin' Tutors will visit us on the third Thursday of every month. This is always a very special event for the kids and for our furry four-legged friends! They come at 10:30 am and 4:30 pm on each scheduled visit. The next visits will be on September 21, 2017, October 19, 2017, November 16, 2017, and December 21, 2017!


You don't want to miss these fun-filled events!




   Colorful elephants and lasagna noodle prints.

Story Time

Thanks to all who came out to story time!!!

The early story time children had a great group of troopers who learned how to use an everyday object such as a lasagna noodle to make a print. They had a wonderful time learning to cut better, carefully use glue and paint with several different sizes of noodles. None of the children in the story time had ever seen this book before, but they all enjoyed it very much. Two in the class had recently learned to whistle and enjoyed showing us all how it's done. This blog writer's whistle was a bit out of tune. Everyone in the first story time did a wonderful job using the noodles to make grass for the fish to hide his hat.

The second story time group had a different book. They read the book Elmer, by David McKee, and it is listed on as #1 bestseller in patchwork. Elmer is the story about a patchwork elephant who doesn't want to be different anymore; he wants to be like everyone else. He finds out that it is awesome to be different.  The bigger children decorated an Elmer line drawing with markers to create their own version of how they would want Elmer the elephant to look. Everyone had beautiful elephants and should have trooped through the library in an elephant parade like the book suggested. Maybe next time.

   Wildlife Biologist - Rick Tharp's Program

July 2015


Rick Tharp, a wildlife biologist with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, came to visit on Wednesday, July 29th. He presented an informative program about poisonous plants and snakes, and he also included information on how to identify plants and snakes in our area. A number of children and adults attended this program and got answers to questions they had about a snake they had seen in their yard.


Other Information

  • We have a display case for children to show off special collections such as beanie babies, Legos, cards, rocks, fossils, dolls, etc. We would love to have the opportunity to show off your treasure!
  • Come visit when we celebrate a special holiday with a program or party.
  • ***PARENTS- we also have display cases for you to show off your treasures as well. Please contact the children's librarian at 774-5480.


The Ozark-Dale County Public Library welcomes all, whether you are an adult, teenager, or a kid; the Library is always in need of good workers to help out!!


The Ozark Dale County Public Library is in need of vibrant volunteers to help out during the Summer Reading Program and also throughout the year. 

Jobs needed to be done include keeping the children quiet during the programs, helping with setup, assisting the children with crafts, participating in puppet songs, etc.

If you are interested, please contact a library employee.


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